Hi! I'm Shaina!

I'm an artist in LA with a passion for character design and color. I studied at Otis College of Art and Design with a concentration in Digital Media. My number one goal is to make life a fun story to tell. 

So where to start - I come from Orange County. I was born to a hardworking Navy dad and to an even harder working creative director mother. As a toddler, my mother would often take me her workplace where she would hand me Photoshop and Illustrator 4.0 to distract me while she worked. When I started school, there was no time for school supply shopping! Instead, I was handed down rapidographs and Pelican watercolor sets. Lo and behold, my mother fostered my interests for the arts.

My best friend, who is still my best friend to day, aspired to be a writer ever since we were kids. As kids, we had wild and crazy imaginations and we'd fight imaginary evil-doers on the playground! What's a young writer and a young artist to do? Well, we combined forces, did some super-saiyan fusion dance magic, and self-published our own picture books. This eventually evolved into comics about teachers, family, and friends...whether they liked to be in it...or not. 

Still, to this very day, my number one inspiration are the people in my life. Every time I design a character, it's usually someone I know. It's because of the zany people I know in my life have helped me to be a better artist and storyteller today! 

My interests are cats, Sailor Moon, and broadway musicals. My other skills include pie-making, DDR, Super Puzzle Fighter, and naming all the original 151 pokemon...in order. 

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M: sreyesdesign@gmail.com

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